If there is a place in the Dolomites that is filled with ceaseless natural wonders, it is the Somadida Controlled Nature Reserve. The great vast forest of spruce and silver fir, larch and beech, provided the Serenissima Republic of Venice with the timber for the ships’ yards and masts in the past.

Rivers and streams frame an enchanting wood together with the majestic summits of Cristallo, Sorapiss and the three peaks. Here you will find foxes, chamois, deer. You can also admire the most beautiful and rarest flowers of the Dolomites.

The forest is accessible all year round for trekking, simple walks or mountain bike rides, while in winter you can also try a sleigh ride. Among the paths of the forest you will discover a small naturalistic museum and a hut used as a library (Biblioteca del Bosco) where you can find essays, guidebooks and novels, as well as interesting meetings and concerts during the summer season.

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