One of the greatest nearby wonders is our beautiful lake, a man-made lake that lengthens in the Centre Cadore valley. The lake was built in the 50s after the construction of the dam on the Piave river and it is part of six towns: Pieve, Calalzo, Domegge, Lozzo, Vigo and Lorenzago.

On its shores you can take paths and itineraries that are very interesting and suitable for the whole family. From Domegge and Calalzo you can start many walks that lead to Lorenzago di Cadore and the Padova Chalet.

You can also swim in this fishing lake, or maybe you prefer to rent pedal boats and canoes or to go rock climbing on the dam wall in Sottocastello. The lake is a real gem that adds to the wonder of the meadows, woods and paths of the Cadore area.

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